Melitta® 190

The professional machine with a 2.2 ltr. glass jug and the unique Melitta® pyramid filter for sediment-free filtered coffee.



Melitta® 190 - Economical and eco-friendly

Economical and eco-friendly waste disposal

The Melitta® filter coffee machine 190 works according to the classical Melitta® filtering method. Advantage: Even if only a small quantity of coffee is fi ltered, with the Melitta® pyramid filter you will always have a high rate of extraction and sediment-free, aromatic coffee.
But the Melitta® 190 not only has economical but also ecological advantages. Coffee ground and filter paper are compostable and thus enable eco-friendly waste-disposal.

Melitta® 190 - High quality

High quality equipment features

Every detail of the Melitta® 190 has been carefully planned. The pyramid fi lter for instance has a built-in overfl ow tube and a drip-stop
device which prevents annoying subsequent dropping. This guarantees easy and safe handling.
The elegantly shaped 2.2 litre jug for 16 cups has a big opening which makes it easy to clean. A tightly fitting lid prevents heat and flavour

Melitta® 190 - Intelligent technology

Intelligent technology

  • Functional, clear controls
  • Low maintenance costs thanks to descaling indicator
  • 5 dispensing levels for 2 to 16 cups
  • Temperature-controlling hotplates prevent the coffee from heating up


Melitta® 190 - Pyramiden® Filter

Melitta® Pyramid Filter

In combination with the filter paper, the pyramid filter ensures excellent flavour development and coffee powder yield with large or small quantities. The filter paper is made of highest oxygen bleached cellulose quality. The result of this cooperation: Finest, grounds-free coffee, which remains fresh, even after longer standing times.

Melitta® 190 - Filterpapier (PA SF 202 S)

Filter paper (PA SF 202 S)

Content: 100 pcs
Order No: 14576

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