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The huge plus to go with the pleasure: coffee revives, connects and inspires people

Small beans, big effect: coffee can do much more than “just” taste great. Be it in meetings or informal get-togethers in the coffee bar – many a good business idea has come about over a cup of coffee. Coffee is a must these days in the office, meeting points or in co-working areas and is just as indispensable as Laptop & Co.

Spoil yourself, your staff and customers with the diverse range of coffee solutions to enjoy from Melitta Professional. Our coffee machines cope easily and reliably with large quantities and special requests – even the right temperature of hot water for those who enjoy an inspired cup of tea.

Internationally successful professional technology for top quality in every cup

  • Large variety of speciality coffees in a short time
  • Speciality coffees, hot chocolate and tea
  • Slim and elegant design
  • Multimedia touchscreen
  • In-house technical customer services even at the weekend
  • Reliable partnership on equal terms

The right coffee machine for every application

Der passende Kaffee für Gastro Kaffeemaschinen von Melitta

Der passende Kaffee in Gastronomiequalität für Ihr Angebot

So individuell wie jeder Gast. Auch der Kaffee sollte zu ihrem Konzept passen. Abhängig von der Wasserqualität vor Ort, den Einstellungen Ihrer Gastro Kaffeemaschine und vor allem von den persönlichen Präferenzen Ihrer Kunden, haben wir den perfekten Kaffee für Sie im Sortiment. Im Norden lieber mild, im Süden darf es kräftiger sein. Abgestimmt durch unsere werkseigenen Techniker, ganz nach den Gegebenheiten vor Ort.

Nachhaltig oder besonders effizient? Wie wäre es mit der Kombination aus beidem? Gerne helfen wir dabei, Ihr Geschäft noch weiter zu optimieren.

Für jede Anwendung der passende Kaffee

Melitta® Cafina® XT4

A good working atmosphere smells of coffee – motivation can be that simple

Every working day needs little moments of enjoyment. Whether they need to refuel or have a quick breather – your employees won’t just enjoy their work but they will be more productive and good-tempered if they can enjoy delicious speciality coffees. And that goes for the boss too, don’t you think? The coffee machines in our Melitta® Cafina® XT series cut a fine figure in the office. Slim and elegantly built, they blend in seamlessly and liven up any coffee corner. The multimedia touchscreen with a tough glass panel arranged ergonomically at an angle encourages self-service. Enjoy this moment of anticipation of the delicious speciality coffee. Relax and reposition – your coffee from Melitta Professional will assist you in the process!
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Urban Gardening

Urban Gardening with coffee grounds

They see themselves as “providing clarity in the dense fog of online shopping”, according to their corporate brochure “Wir” (Us). The price comparison portal “idealo” employees over 700 people in the Ritterhöfe building in Berlin’s Kreuzberg neighbourhood. The central meeting place at the company is the cafeteria which has a large communal kitchen for the staff to use and two fully automatic Melitta® Cafina CT8 self-service machines that frequently see 800 speciality coffees being prepared as required on a work day. [...]
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What would you like? Filter coffee or cappuccino? Find the right coffee machine to suit your needs here.

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