Melitta® Coffee Center

Under-table cabinet

Melitta® Coffee Center - The professional under-table cabinet for our automatic coffee machines.

Dimensions: 1100 mm / 590 mm / 935 mm (W / D / H)

Additional load: 140kg
Weight: 79,2kg - 79,8kg

Melitta® Coffee Center

The Melitta® Coffee Center is the suitable professional under-table cabinet for our automatic coffee machines. The universal design, which is specifically adapted to the new XT generation, integrates seamlessly into any environment and impresses with an elegant high-quality appearance.

Easy to clean

The shiny front is easy to clean and the special sealing protects it against permanent contamination and damage. Just like the sturdy body, which easily supports the high weight of professional automatic coffee machines with a steel frame.

Enough space for everything

The Melitta® Coffee Center provides space for automatic coffee machines with adjoining milk cooler and cup warmer. If you opt for a multi-function device, you have ample space for accessories like dishes, sugar, stirrers or drinks menus.

Space inside

The space inside is designed for easy storage of water reservoirs (for canister operation) as well as consumer goods and accessories like coffee, cleaning agents or cocoa, making them easily accessible at any time.


The Melitta® Coffee Center is optionally available on mobile castors. Special designs are available on request.

Tightly glued body

2-door, high gloss with special ABS support with glass optics, body with shelves, body sides and shelves in aluminium finish, centre partition with through-hole, cable feed-through aluminium coloured, base frame (square tube 30x30)

Supply and exhaust air opening

On the back of the body is located a supply and exhaust air opening. This ensures a good indoor climate.

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