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Coffee or cocoa?

odernichtoderdoch odernichtoderdoch

…not an issue for online traders “Odernichtoderdoch”

Münster. “I’ll do it, just not today”, “On paper is out of mind”, “Out of sausage”: the coffee mugs, diaries and notepads of the “Odernichtoderdoch” brand perfectly reflect the thoughts and moods of their target customers. Which is no surprise really: the shop’s fan community on Instagram provides feedback and helps design new products, such as the annual calendar “Off to the next adventure!”. And the company Heinen Lovebrands recently chose Melitta Professional Coffee Solutions to provide coffee and hot chocolate on its adventure – helping bring together its fast-growing team and fuel communication with their community.

Still under 30, the two young entrepreneurs Joana and Niklas Heinen have already enjoyed remarkable success. It all began in late 2014, when photographer and blogger Joana created a desk pad, offered it for sale in her own online shop, and marketed it via her “Odernichtoderdoch” Instagram account. There are now some 500 products under the “Odernichtoderdoch” and “JO & JUDY” brands belonging to the Münster-based company. 45 employees work for Heinen Lovebrands GmbH, another 50 for its own logistics service provider “Boxes and Bowes”.


The loving care devoted to the packaging and shipping of the products is an important element of the success story. Creativity is also required for these tasks. And flexibility: during the 2018 Christmas season, 107 additional helpers were hired to ensure that every package was lovingly packed and ready to ship on time. Fortunately, there is no shortage of suitable casual workers in the university city of Münster.

Coffee enjoyment plays a major role at Heinen Lovebrands. Coffee mugs are an important utensil in the workplace and a popular motif for social media postings. It’s no surprise therefore that mugs with and without sayings are an integral part of the Lovebrands community. However, the domestic coffee machine of the company’s early years was soon unable to keep pace with the team’s dynamic growth.


Tailored milky mix drinks and programmed variety with the Melitta® Cafina® XT6

In spring 2019, the company therefore decided to purchase the professional bean-to-cup machine Melitta®Cafina® XT6, which has since been exerting an almost magnetic attraction for staff throughout the company. Its coffee partner Melitta Professional also provides the young company with coffee, cocoa and the necessary technical service for the machine. When technician Guido Tegelkamp installed the Melitta® Cafina® XT6 and adjusted it to the local conditions and personal preferences of the young team, the interest was great. “Our whole team is very happy with the delicious coffee – the current consumption level is very high,” enthuses Angelina Cimino.

The team leader for Brand Marketing and Brand Communication has observed a strong preference for tailored coffee drinks: “In general, staff like to use the XT6 to compose their own coffee creations. The milk menu allows everyone to mix their own perfect cappuccino or milk coffee”. However, there’s also strong demand for the pre-programmed varieties. Espresso and a large cappuccino are the most popular specialties, followed by the mug of coffee, latte macchiato, café crème, and milk coffee. Melitta® Cioccolata and SchokMok are also firm favorites: a quick glance round the office shows that it’s no surprise the cocoa bean is establishing itself in the coffee family: the “Odernichtoderdoch” range has long included a “COCOA love” mug.