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Safariland Stukenbrock: Pioneer in the corona crisis

Safari Corona Safari Corona

On April 17, Safariland Stukenbrock was the first zoo in Germany to be allowed to reopen parts of its operations. The regional state of North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) granted “a special permit for car safaris”, reports the zoo’s delighted boss Elisabeth Wurms, who was even interviewed by the country’s biggest national newspaper “Bild”. In the meantime, the new attractions launched to mark the park’s anniversary last year are also available again: the family restaurant “Kattagaskar”, and the adventure resort with 48 safari lodges. All in compliance with strict coronavirus regulations, of course.

The pandemic regulations also restrict the daily number of visitors to Safariland and mean that tickets can only be issued online. Face masks must be worn when checking in at the reception of the adventure resort and plenty of hand sanitizers are provided. Those waiting in line for attractions outside are requested to maintain a minimum distance of 1.50 meters. In the restaurant “Kattagaskar”, only every second table is occupied and guests have to fill in a form in accordance with regulations, stating the time and other details so that contact persons can be traced in the event of a coronavirus infection.

Africa in East Westphalia

600 exotic animals are helping bring the spirit of Africa to the Senne region of East Westphalia. The park’s white tigers are famous – and its white lions give the impression they feel right at home here. Safariland Stukenbrock started a unique European breeding program for these rare animals in 1996.

The new adventure resort opened in the summer of 2019 and is located directly behind the monkey enclosure. 38 mobile home lodges and 10 tent lodges are available for overnight stays. “Our overnight guests can now fall asleep to the sound of hissing cheetahs and be woken up by the roar of lions,” explains Managing Director Elisabeth Wurms.

Safariland also completely revamped its coffee enjoyment equipment in 2019. Melitta Professional Coffee Solutions is the park’s one-stop provider: its services include fully automatic coffee machines and filter coffee machines of the Melitta®Cafina®XT generation, special coffee blends, and the company’s own technical support team. “We are very happy with our new coffee partner,” reports Alina Heibrock, head of the park’s entire catering operations. “Not only our visitors and overnight guests enjoy their coffee breaks and the caffeine kick they need for an exciting day in the wildlife zoo – our employees are also big fans. Nine fully automatic coffee machines and ten filter coffee machines of the Melitta®Cafina®XT range provide freshly brewed coffee and a wide variety of coffee specialties for Safariland. And in the new restaurant, there are additional frothed milk variants with Melitta® TopFoam for the XT7.