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The Big Picture

Gründerpreis 2019 Gründerpreis 2019

450 visitors cast their vote during the final heat of the “Gastro-Gründerpreis” start-up award at the Internorga: the main prize went to the Munich-based café “Über den Tellerrand” (loosely translated “The Big Picture”), an integration project of the catering newcomers Jasmin Seipp and Julia Harig.

A versatile place for learning from each other with a creative-international range of food was created at the adult education center in Munich’s Haidhausen district. Guests have a say in determining the prices: those with limited means pay 7 euros, the average amount of 8.50 euros is enough to cover costs and the highest price of 10 euros helps support the social project. The café is run by a non-profit association that receives all remaining proceeds. 15 jobs for people from 14 nations, mainly refugees, have been created in Munich. Jasmin Seipp encourages all café owners to work with refugees: “Be bold! Diversity is the best thing that can happen to a team. Refugees are incredibly motivated and can contribute some unusual ideas.” For example, the Bavarian-Arab snack with pretzels, Obatzda (spicy cheese spread) and hummus.

Photos: ©Deutscher Gastro Gründerpreis