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How to run your coffee business!

Everything in sight, everything under control.

Do you run a small café or a bakery? Are you an F&B manager of a hotel or restaurant chain? Would you like to keep an eye on your coffee machines and your coffee business and unlock new potential? No matter what size your business is, Melitta® INSIGHTS offers you various services to do this, which you can use conveniently on your PC or tablet. Moreover, you can delight in the constant improvements in Melitta® INSIGHTS.


Ensure maximum operational readiness of your assigned machines! Thanks to a clear list of all the status reports, you can see whether and how your machines are running at any time.


Benefit from the wealth of information about your coffee machines and gain complete control of your fleet of machines.


Learn and understand the consumer behaviour of your customers! A clear map shows you the product groups and sales figures for each of your individual locations at a glance.

Individual Reports

Would you like to graphically display and save the multitude of valuable data from the portal? Use the download function and save a standard report or individualised statistics about your fleet of machines.

Media Manager

Increase turnover with a sales campaign and display it on your Melitta® fully automatic coffee machines. Videos, images and screensavers can be sent to the display on your machine using Melitta® INSIGHTS.

Customized Services

Do you have your own specific requirements? Talk to us and we will be happy to show you which additional customized digital services we can offer you via Melitta® INSIGHTS.

Customized packages

Even the entry-level package Standard INSIGHTS allows you to have access to the customer portal and to the entire access and rights management system of the portal. You can assign individual rights and machines or locations to your staff so that everyone can use Melitta® INSIGHTS tailored to their area of responsibility. You control and manage your fleet of machines on your clearly arranged dashboard. You get an overview of the operating times of your fully automatic machines as well as consumption statistics and machine efficiency displayed graphically.

Avoid periods of inactivity

Avoid periods of inactivity: you see which machines are operating, detect when bean, milk and instant containers need refilling and you can also tell whether the grounds container needs emptying.

Flexible assignment: locations and authorisations.

Whether they run a small café around the corner or are the F&B manager of an internationally famous restaurant and hotel chain: people are working with Melitta® automatic coffee machines in various roles in all kinds of companies. What they need and hope for from the customer dashboard will vary as much as their everyday working lives. Which is why Melitta® INSIGHTS offers total flexibility in its application. Locations and the allocation of access rights can be set up freely for every user so that everyone just sees what they should and would like to see.

Branch manager

Do you manage a branch in a restaurant chain and would just like to keep an eye on your business? Melitta® INSIGHTS assigns your machines to you and you receive detailed information from them. You then gain a quick insight into the performance of your machines. With Melitta® INSIGHTS, you see exactly which coffee beverage each of your machines has prepared, how many times and when. You can also quickly see a comparison of particular days. And if someone happens to forget to refill the bean, instant or milk container on one of the machines assigned to you or cleaning needs to be carried out, you receive a message on your personal dashboard.

Manager of several branches

As the manager of several businesses, you benefit from clearly presented information from all your locations. You can display your sales figures graphically by beverage or location. Enjoy support for comprehensive performance analyses for your fleet of coffee machines. If you want to save and download the data, Melitta® INSIGHTS offers you the option of detailed standard reports as well as presentations put together for you personally. You can even upload your new marketing campaign conveniently from your desk to the display on your machine by video or images.

Branch employee

As an employee, you receive exactly the right online authorisations and information that you need to do your job.

Coffee? Flowing well! Your benefits at a glance.

  • Always up to date: you have access to valuable information, data and statistics for your coffee business whenever and wherever you want.
  • Avoid periods of inactivity: you see which machines are operating, detect when bean, milk and instant containers need refilling and you can also tell whether the grounds drawer needs emptying.
  • Hygiene-Check: you see whether the cleaning procedure is running at the moment or needs to be started.
  • Send important information you decide which coffee machine messages are automatically sent to which recipients as push mail.
  • Find tops and flops: you can keep an eye on the current beverage preparation of your coffee machines, find your customers’ beverage preferences and identify busy and quiet periods.
  • Seize opportunities and increase sales: you can determine beverage potentials and consequently optimise your range and support this with sales promotions.
  • Continuous upgrades starting in 2021: in future, you will also be able to adjust individual beverage recipes and machine settings remotely to a limited but useful extent, show videos, images and screensavers centrally on the display and benefit from additional individual services.

Availability. Compatible machines.

Anyone who owns a fully automatic coffee machine from the Melitta® Cafina® XT series from XT5 and above and owners of the Melitta® Cafina® CT8 can benefit from the Melitta® INSIGHTS customer portal with immediate effect. Order your new coffee machine with Melitta® INSIGHTS or have your existing model upgraded.

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