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Ein Faultier führt nach Belo Horizonte

Jury-Mitglied Erna Tosberg über die Deutschen Barista- und Latte-Art-Meisterschaften in Bremen: Nicole Battefeld (Berlin) und Carlo Graf von Bülow (Köln) machen das Rennen um die Tickets zu den Weltmeisterschaften in Amsterdam (Barista, Juni) und Belo Horizonte, Brasilien (Latte Art, November). 


Science helps win title

Erna Tosberg on the World Barista Championship 2017 and the new champion Dale Harris, who surprised everyone by bringing the title back to Europe again after 8 years.


Coffee beverages for all occasions

Piston coffee makers are the only way to prepare a café créme in the correct way. This long coffee beverage is prepared under pressure, but is not an extended espresso, and is also not made from espresso beans but from a Swiss roast (a blend of coffee beans with different roast grades). Born of historical necessity – due to a lack of coffee supplies – this roasting process has unfortunately been largely forgotten in Switzerland. This is a shame, as it produces an unmistakable and unique taste profile for the coffee.