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First woman on the throne

Erna Tosberg on the World Barista Championship 2018

Congratulations Agnieszka Rojewska! The multiple Polish champion is the first woman to win the World Barista Championship.

In late June 2018, the coffee world converged on Amsterdam in the Netherlands as The World of Coffee trade show played host to the World Barista Championship. 56 national champions were invited to demonstrate their skills and expertise in preparing and serving various coffee drinks. The new World Champion from Poland, Agnieszka Rojewska, made history by becoming the first woman to win the title in 19 years of WBC events.


From asparagus spring to blueberry summer

During the peak season of May and June, over 10,000 visitors make their way to the “asparagus and adventure farm” Klaistow near Potsdam, Germany, to buy or enjoy freshly picked Beelitz asparagus every day. To help cope with this seasonal demand, the 80-strong permanent team of the Buschmann and Winkelmann families is supplemented by some 800 asparagus pickers and 250 helping hands. Meanwhile, the coffee machines of Melitta Professional are already advertising the next highlights.


Urban gardening with coffee grounds

In its company brochure, “idealo” portrays its role as “bringing clarity to the thick fog of online shopping”. The online comparison site employs 700 staff at its headquarters in Berlin’s trendy Kreuzberg district. And the main meeting point is the company’s cafeteria with a large communal kitchen for staff to cook their own meals, as well as two self-service Melitta® Cafina® CT8 coffee machines that often serve up to 800 coffee specialties per day. Lactose-free milk and soya milk are in high demand and the firm’s coffee consumption also has valuable ecological benefits. Staff use the coffee grounds as a fertilizer for the courtyard garden. Herbs, lettuce and vegetables are grown in mobile containers for use in the communal kitchen.


Good coffee pays for itself twice over!

... or “Why you simply can’t afford to serve bad coffee.”

Coffee is one of the main revenue drivers of the Horeca sector and bakeries. Despite this, however, it’s rarely given the attention it deserves. This is strange when you consider the contribution margins and revenues this popular pick-me-up provides.