Melitta® Cafina® XT8-F

Freshly brewed filter coffee on demand. Up to 500 cups/hour + hot water for the perfect cup of tea + fresh milk for coffee and milk combinations or a delicious glass of milk on its own.

Melitta® Cafina® XT8-F - Programmed for fresh filter coffee.

Hourly output in Cups (depending on the model, drink and container size)

Technical Data:

In the slim design of the Melitta® Cafina® Xt Series

Refined aluminium housing (anodised and shot-blasted), ergonomic control panel with robust glass panel and 10.4′′ multimedia touch display, LED lighting concept. Compatible with all XT cup warmers, milk coolers and billing systems.

Digital controls and 10.4'' multimedia touch screen

For convenient operation, versatile programming, film and photo display.

Swivelling arm for large pots

Separate dispenser for large pots: swivelling arm, length 180 mm or 500 mm.

Two types of milk possible

One or two types of fresh milk from the refrigerator for coffee and milk combinations or a delicious glass of milk on its own.

The coffee business in digital focus

Do you run a small café or a bakery? Are you an F&B manager of a hotel or restaurant chain? Would you like to keep an eye on your coffee machines and your coffee business and unlock new potential? No matter what size your business is, Melitta® INSIGHTS offers you various services to do this, which you can use conveniently on your PC or tablet. Moreover, you can delight in the constant improvements in Melitta® INSIGHTS.


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XT8-F - Programmed for fresh filter coffee



Melitta® Cafina® XT8-F at a glance

The high quality of the carefully selected materials, such as the 3 mm thick aluminium side panels and the robust industrial-quality touchscreen display provide low-maintenance operation and constant coffee.


The look of the Melitta® Cafina® XT8-F underlines the high technical quality and state-of-the-art, and fits in both technically and visually with the familiar modules of the XT range.

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