Melitta® Cafina® XT8

Coffee prepared to taste, freshly ground, for top-quality results in every cup. Delicious milk foam variants – cold, warm or hot, frothy or firm. Two varieties of milk. Two varieties of hot chocolate. And, in parallel, up to 40 litres of hot water/hour for tea lovers. The Melitta® Cafina® XT8 leaves no wish unfulfilled.

Melitta® Cafina® XT8 - Enjoyment on a grand scale.

Hourly output in Cups (depending on the model, drink and container size)

Technical Data:

A Moment to savour

The Melitta® Cafina® XT8 is the fastest in its family. Large grinding discs and the compact stainless-steel brewing unit speed up the grinding and brewing process. Enjoy this brief moment while it lasts. Refined aluminium housing (anodised and shot-blasted), ergonomically tilted control panel, 10,4“ touch display with robust glass panel (3 mm), narrow strips of light on the height-adjustable zinc die-cast dispenser. It‘s almost a shame that it‘s over so quickly...

Milk, hot chocolate and milk foam à la carte

Latte Macchiato with soy milk? Whitepresso with white chocolate? If you wish, you can double up and offer two varieties of milk and two varieties of cho- colate. A wide variety of milk foams are available: Cold, warm, hot, frothy and as the crowning topping of the firm Melitta® TopFoam.

Fit for sprint and marathon

A strong sprinter with excellent stamina: The compact brewing unit (with short travel distances) and fast grinding discs sets up to 250 cups/ hour: Stainless steel provides maximum precision, stability (piston contact pressure can be increased) and a long life. The ACS® control system automatically ensures the same level of quality in every cup.

Incredibly simple: cleaning mad easy

Incredibly simple: "Clean in place" (CIP®). The daily automated cleaning of the milk and brewing system within the self-contained system. There is no need to dismantle the unit. The "HACCP-compliant" seal of approval guarantees the certified hygiene of the Melitta® Cafina® XT8.

The coffee business in digital focus

Do you run a small café or a bakery? Are you an F&B manager of a hotel or restaurant chain? Would you like to keep an eye on your coffee machines and your coffee business and unlock new potential? No matter what size your business is, Melitta® INSIGHTS offers you various services to do this, which you can use conveniently on your PC or tablet. Moreover, you can delight in the constant improvements in Melitta® INSIGHTS.


Watching the movie

Melitta® Cafina® XT8




Melitta® Cafina® XT8 at a glance

The stainless-steel brewing unit of the Melitta® Cafina® XT8 has a more compact design and speeds up the brewing process. For a particularly intense espresso flavour, the contact pressure of the piston can be increased to up to 1500 N (Variable Pressure System, VPS®). The unique Automatic Coffee Quality System (ACS®) monitors the key parameters during preparation and automatically adjusts them if necessary in order to ensure the same high level of quality in every cup without having to call a technician.


The look of the Melitta® Cafina® XT8 underlines the high technical quality and state-of-the-art, and fits in both technically and visually with the familiar modules of the XT range.

Variety at your fingertips

Sometimes in the morning, only a double espresso will do the trick. Later on, it may be an "Italiano" every now and again – a textbook example of a cappuccino. First of all, espresso flows into the cup and then milk foam is added on top of this. In between, how about a tasty cup of cocoa with hot milk and dark chocolate? And you'll need hot water throughout the day for the very special range of teas.

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